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The global market for chemicals has experienced outstanding development over the last decades. This new reality has offered chemical companies around the world a variety of choices concerning prices, qualities, and specifications. However, the actual global chemical market is extraordinarily complex, thereby requiring a continuous and detailed study of trends, variables, and possible risks to make the right purchase decisions. Owing to these growing market complexities, small and medium-sized companies avoid or procrastinate purchasing improvement efforts, thus remaining in their already well-known classical purchasing field. A common alternative for these companies is to acquire chemicals from major distributors, which tend to aggressively negotiate prices with producers and get offers for buyers. There is a broad variety of business opportunities that are usually overlooked due to the limited channels used by these small and medium-sized companies to find providers and/or the reduced exposure in the global market of small and middle-sized providers of chemicals. EU-CHI Chemicals was born with the aim of adding value to the supply chain of chemicals and finished products between China and Europe, owing to our deep knowledge of both markets based on years of direct contact with companies. We provide tailor-made solutions to the problems of our customers, focusing on high quality and reliability. EU-CHI Chemicals specializes in the search, location, and promotion of small and medium-sized chemical production businesses that need a boost to make themselves visible in our global marketplace.



The trade of chemical products between countries promotes technical progress and production efficiency. The chemical industry has traditionally been a powerful agent for the development of the global economy and has benefited from years of growing demand in China. Nowadays, both the Chinese and European markets offer a broad range of raw chemicals and final products for the customer. Thus, chemical industries around the world have established tight personal and digital interconnections over the last several decades. However, trade agreements and reliability are required to guarantee a stable and sustainable business between providers and buyers. One of the three enterprise segments of EU-CHI Chemicals is focused on exploiting new trading opportunities for chemicals between China and European countries. Owing to our deep knowledge of Chinese and European chemical markets, we can dive into the chemical production pool and find the best product quality at competitive prices for our clients.



Coatings are materials applied over a substrate to form a layer of variable thickness, thus acting as a shield that protects the underlying material against the environment. Coatings are ubiquitous and play a fundamental role in our daily lives, guaranteeing the durability and quality of materials over time. While the formulation of a coating may be extraordinarily complex and it mainly depends on the function required, society also tends to focus on the appearance of the material after the coating layer has been applied. Owing to our acquired expertise in the development of liquid coatings, EU-CHI Chemicals develops, together with our customers, tailor-made coating formulations appropriate to the desired final application. We support clients in creating the ideal layer in terms of technical properties and aesthetics.

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