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EU-CHI Chemical was established as a result of the vision and desire of the founders to promote close relationships and trade between chemical enterprises in their regions of origin: Aragon (Spain) and Sichuan (China).


Sichuan has historically been cited as “the Province of Abundance”, being one of the largest and most populated provinces in China. The region is extraordinarily rich in mineral and agricultural resources. Outstanding efforts coming from the Chinese central government over the last years have focused on the promotion of the chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, machinery, or information technology in Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Panzhihua, Yibin, and other areas of Sichuan. The province has become a major industrial hub in West China and one of the largest in the country.


Aragon is one of the most developed regions in Spain, with a powerful industrial sector and agriculture as the main pillars of the economy. While large factories are located in Zaragoza and the area around it, very productive agricultural fields are in the Ebro Valley.


   Our strategy is based on five main pillars:

  • Empathy to connect different cultures

  • Understanding of the needs of our partners

  • Capability to develop cutting-edge projects

  • High-quality performance

  • Integrity to maintain customer trust

Dr. Francisco Aznarez Peman


Dr. Francisco Aznarez obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Muenster, working on the synthesis of organometallic complexes and their application in the hydrogenation of key organic molecules for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Francisco Aznarez completed his experience in academia at Fudan University, where he synthesized supramolecular assemblies and metal-carborane complexes during a post-doctoral stay focused on the development of molecular machines.

Dr. Francisco Aznarez has worked and developed research projects at BASF, Hoffmann-La Roche, and Longbai Group. As a founding partner of EU-CHI Chemical and with over 10 years of experience leading R&D groups, Dr. Francisco Aznarez offers our customers well-founded expertise in the chemical industry markets in Asia and Europe. His competencies include project management, commercialization of new chemical technology, and coordination of business and R&D efforts.

Founding partner EU-CHI Chemicals (Hamburg, Zaragoza, and Chengdu). She obtained MSc Strategic Marketing at the University of Manchester in the UK. Subsequently, Guo developed a career over 8 years as a marketing manager and strategist at companies H&M and WPP, both in the UK and China. Her expertise includes searching for providers, planning and developing tailor-made strategies for our customers, and optimizing their supply chains.

SHIYI GUO Marketing
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